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Josh Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
"This complex, Bordeaux-style blend, bursts with ripe fruit flavors. Black currant, spicy bramble berry fruit, with a hint of cocoa and smoke are the back drop of soft, approachable tannins."
Sale $13.99

Little Black Dress Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc's bright fruit aromas of citrus flavors in your glass and you'll find the epitome of style in your hands. Note the light floral scent with a touch of green apple and melons. Yummy to the nose and crisp, lean and well rounded in the mouth. Style? This wine has it by the glass full. Wine Pairing: Great with veal or pork dishes as well as flavorful cheeses like goat, feta or brie.

Sale $8.99

Altos Las Hormigas Malbec Reserva 2011                                                            Deep, purple-red hues hint at a classic, Mendoza Malbec. Delicate aromas of fresh black currant, wild blackberry and notes of soft vanilla blend with a subtle toasted-oak finish. The palate displays characteristics of the excellent 2011 vintage: juicy, elegant fruit, soft tannins and a balanced structure. The result is an honest, persistent Malbec..           90 Pts. Wine Spectator
 Sale $19.99

Sterling 'VintnersChardonnay 2012   Beautifully balanced and easy to enjoy, our Chardonnay brims with tropical fruit, guava and peach character, with hints of caramel and oak spice. The lively fruit flavors first dance on the palate, and then turn creamy, before lingering in the full, toasty finish

Sale $9.99


 Ladoucette Les Deux Tours Sauvignon Blanc 2012  
                         Pale golden-green color. This wine has an expressive nose with an exceptional range of grapefruit and citrus fruit with floral aromas. These notes are enhanced and strengthened by the lively acidy on the palate with plenty of body, richness, roundnes
Sale $15.99


Kungfu Girl Riesling
"Lovely,                  Expressive, bright and vibrant, with apple, lime and citrus blossom flavors, persisting enticingly as the off-dry finish lingers against natural acidity."

90 Points
Sale $13.99

Abduction Cosmic Red
Medium-bodied red wine with aromas of plum and wild berries. Balanced mouthfeel with flavors of black cherry, cassis and a hint of black pepper.
Sale $9.99

The Chocolate Block 2012 Boekenhoutskloof, Western Cape    From one of South Africa’s most highly regarded wineries, Boekenhoutskloof, this is a blend of primarily Syrah and Cabernet. A huge nose of blackberry and leather lead to a big, brooding wine that is true to its name. Huge flavors of cherry and cedar are complimented by abundant chocolaty undertones. The Chocolate Block could easily be mistaken for one of California’s high octane Cabernet blends.-                                                 The Wine Buyer, 93 Points                           Sale  $27.99

Jordan Chardonnay 2011
“The 2011 Chardonnay is an elegant expression of a vintage that wanted anything but to be tamed. Aromas of freshly cut Fuji and Granny Smith apples, stone fruits and white flowers lead to vibrant minerality and bright fruit flavors. The creamy mid-palate is framed by well-integrated French oak and lively acidity that carry through to a refreshingly long finish.
Sale $25.99
Kurosawa Sake
clear light yellow. nose is usual bananas and cream with very clean and bright pear and rice. oily, firm and thick up front. mildly sweet, exceptionally smooth, especially in the finish. wonderfully drinkable
Sale $15.99